Monday, December 5, 2011

Interactive Robotic Fabrication

Interactive Robotic Fabrication from maysam on Vimeo.

We present a series of experiments which explore the use of IPhone accelerometers as joint position sensors and ultrasonic as scanning sensor in order to rebuild a 3d surface. To quantify the performance of the calibration and joint tracking we attached accelerometer and ultrasonic sensor to staubli 160 robot for scanning a 3d surface while second robot draws a section trough the surface in real time. In this example the accelerometer sensor estimate the scanning robot joint 4 and 5 angel and control the position of end arm tool.


Adriano, TouchOSC, ghowl, Grasshopper

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Real Time Robot Simulation- Test (3)

 objective: to scan a section of a surface by using a ping distance sensor   and  an iPhone orientation sensor. master robo's end-arm tool has the scanner and orientation sensor, while the other one has a pen . two other robots are holding board and object. robot's joint 1,2,3 are following master robot's ping sensor  (scanner) and joint 4,5 are fallowing  the  accelerometer sensor of the iPhone  attached to the master robot.

Maysam Ghaffari,
Tutor: Andrew Atwood, Robotic Fabrication/
Sci-Arc Robotic Lab/Fall2011
Real Time Robot Simulation test /
Arduino ping sensor+Grasshopper+ghowl+TouchOSC